Field-Erected Storage Tanks

Laframboise has the facilities, equipment and ability to design, fabricate and field-erect steel-plate storage tanks in accordance with API 620, 650 & 653 standards and certifications as well as customer specified design criteria.

Our storage-tank field-erection personnel have the experience and procedures to build storage tanks from various metal types, including but not limited to aluminium, carbon steel, duplex stainless steel, hastelloy, inconel and stainless steel.

The Laframboise storage-tank field-erection crew is a team of highly skilled individuals who have the experience and training to successfully complete our customer's projects safely while delivering a quality product on schedule in the most economical fashion.

Shop Fabricated Tanks / Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers

Within Laframboise Group of Companies we also have ASME “U & R” stamp certified fabrication facilities, equipment and design abilities to manufacture Shop Fabricated Tanks, Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers that meet our customer's needs.

An example of the types of these products would be Mixing and Blending Vessels, Distillation Columns, Evaporators, Chemical Reactors, Process Tanks, Spray Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks and Reboilers.

Much of our success is a result of our high standards and strict adherence to our quality control guidelines. Our personnel work meticulously to the specifications, which includes ASME Code Section VIII Division 1, ASME Code Section I, ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3.

Our shop personnel have the certification, procedures and experience to provide products in alloys such as Carbon Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Inconel and Titanium.